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I've been shooting real estate photography for about four years now and I am always striving to improve the craft and speed the process.

My rates are pretty straight forward:

$100 per property for up to an hour.  If the shoot is over an hour, it is typically because the home was not ready for photos and staging was not complete or the home is quite large.  It's usually one or the other.  Typically, in the past year, when the home is ready, I'm usually able to get the photos in ~40 minutes on average for ~ 2,700 sq. ft. home.

I am in the Macungie area and included in the fee is 10 miles radius of that general area.  If it can be arranged to shoot on a weekend, this radius is expanded to 20 miles.

Have a look at some of my samples below and contact me if you are interested.  My turnaround is usually SAME DAY!!  I take photos that day, you have your photos that evening usually.

Drone photos - a $50 add-on option.  
Or $100 for drone photos, and the home photography is the $50 add-on option... same thing.

Re-visits (going to the home more than once) because of wet surfaces (from rain/snow), or an overcast day and you want me to re-visit the home to take outside photos on a 'better day' is a $25 charge (assuming the home is in the mile radius mentioned above).

Thanks for visiting!

John Rounds

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