I've been shooting real estate photography for about 7+ years and I am always striving to improve the end product and speed the process.

My rates are pretty straightforward:

Base rate: $135 (optimized for speed and budget)
Per property for up to an hour.  If the shoot is over an hour, it is typically because the home was not ready for photos and staging was not complete, or the home is quite large. I'm usually able to take the photos in 30-40 minutes on average for ~ 2,700 sq. ft. home and a same day turnaround.  This will be the default package.
Longer than an hour - $25 per 30 min. blocks
Samples of the Standard photos

Premium rate: $160 (optimized for the best look)
The 'premium' option includes better lighting, better window shots, superimpose images on TVs, superimpose fire in fireplaces, and add skies if the day we shoot isn't so great (overcast, etc.). This option takes longer to shoot (~1hr ) and longer to edit (double the time of the standard option), but still a same day turnaround. This package needs to be requested. The base package is the default.
Samples of the Premium photos


  • $50 for drone photos when added to a photo package or $100 if just doing drone without a photo package
  • $25 (per 10 mile blocks over the initial 10 miles) if the property is outside of a 10mi. radius of Macungie,PA area
  • $80 for Re-visits

I am in the Macungie area and included in the rates is a 10 mile radius of that general area.  If it can be arranged to shoot on a weekend, this free radius is expanded to 15 miles.

If by request, we need to take an additional trip to the same home.
Some examples are -

  • Shooting the inside one day and coming back another day to do the outside because the weather is better.
  • We shoot the home and there's a big dumpster in the driveway so we have to come back when it's not there any longer.
  • If there are 'must have' shots (outside the routine or obvious ones) or angles, let's work together to make sure we get them in the one visit.


Thanks for visiting!

John Rounds
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